Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Discount on a Class

Here is a great way to save some money on a class at the Acting Studio- the excellent school where I took my voiceover class. Numerous friends have enjoyed their on camera and acting classes. I got this in an email since I'm on their e-list, but I think everyone can use it. Funsies!!

Our 3rd Annual 3 Wishes
New Years Discount
This holiday season, you can save 15% off any Adult class or the Kid/Teen Bootcamp (EXCLUDES ALL WORKSHOPS) if you register by Monday, January 5, 2009.

Just let us know: What 3 things do you most wish to see Acting Studio Chicago provide in 2009?
Email us ( SUBJECT LINE: 3 Wishes) 3 wishes you have, for Acting Studio Chicago in 2009, and we will e-mail you a 15% Tuition Discount Coupon.*Check out our website for our updated schedule. The wishes can be for new workshops or classes you would like to see us offer, wishes for our web site, wishes for teachers....use your imagination and we'll see if we can make your wishes come true!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bad Audish?

Merry Christmas to all! No voice over audishes this week, but I have another topic in mind.

As I occasionally mention, guest posts and stories are always welcome. This time I have a specific request- BAD audishes. Please send me your stories of audishes gone wrong. Leave a comment!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Thirty-Seven Minutes in Heaven

If I were a dude I would go to this audish just to see who else would show up:

Seeking 1 man (considers himself sexy) to play late 30's -40's

There are plenty of guys in that age group who can still bring the sexy. I'm just saying there might be a few interesting candidates.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beauty Secrets

Today I had an audish for a hair product company- oh la la. I also found out that even though the song sounds like "ress" it's actually pronounced "tray-sem-may." Felt weird to say, but that's how it was spelled out in the copy.

The spot was an inner monologue about how another lady got such great hair. The character description was "likable for her vulnerable, slightly insecure personality."

"What's her secret?"
"Her hair looks so good!"

I've seen this theme a few times before. If someone else looks great or is thinner they must have some secret, special product. However, after reading countless magazines I feel comfortable saying that the secret is probably more sleeping time and healthy eating.

Also, my cab driver was very chatty and a former professional soccer player. Fun!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

AuDish of the Day

If you're interested in musical improv, I highly recommend audishing for this program:

The Second City Training Center announces Auditions for the Music Improv Program Saturday, December 13th and Sunday, December 14th.

I'm in level 2 right now and it is fantastic. I would even say I like it better than the entire conservatory program. In level 2, we are going through the standard structure of a musical and learning about songs for opening/closing, i wish, revolution, variety numbers, and more. Lots of singing!! They only start a new round of classes about twice a year, so get on it if you're interested.

PS-NaNoWriMo is going strong at 46k and I'm going to finish at 50k tomorrow. I promise you many more posts in December.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Two reasons for my lack one posts: one is that I haven't had many auditions and the second is that I am doing NaNoWriMo, a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November. I don't want to jinx myself but I just passed 25,000. Yes, that's about five days behind, but I skipped a few days at the beginning of the month and have managed to get in about 2,500 words a day over the last week. If I can keep this up, I think I'm going to make it to 50k.

I know I always work better when faced with a deadline. Case in point and my segway into the audish portion of this post: I've heard that you should do agency mailings every 4-6 months, but I haven't kept that up this year. It's hard to sit down and essentially be your own assistant for a few hours but once you do it once it's easier to go back and update. Last year I mailed out packets on December 31st and I walked to two post offices during my lunch break because the first one had already closed and I was determined to have the postmark match the date in the letter. Hilarious... and crazy.

This year I'll try for a little earlier in the month.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tweentastic Telecommunication

Today I had a super fun audish, two different spots for landline telephone service. The character for both was a tween girl age 12-15 who was a drama queen. On one had, it is kind of annoying that the most prevalent image of teenage girls in the media is that of a ditzy, dramatic self centered girl. On the other hand that is one of my favorite character types to play.

In addition to a fun character I also got to use a bad accent as the tween saying the following line:

"I'm Betsy Ross and I invented the flag."


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crazy Diets, Crazy Cabs

New Year Resolutions: 2 Months Early. A double audish today and it turns out both were for diets. Wrigley is marketing gum as a way to get over cravings. Hmmm… should I eat this cookie, or chew fruity gum? The other spot was for a nutritional website.

The most interesting part of this audish was the ride there- my cab driver was absolutely ridiculous. First, he pulled over to mail something. What?!? You drive around all day… maybe you could do that when you don’t have a passenger. It looked like a parking ticket, and you have seven days to mail those. Second, he had no change… for a twenty. If I was throwing down hundos or even fifties it would be my fault. But I think cabs should have change for a twenty. He opened the door, stuck his head out, looked around the street, and sat there. I said, “What are you doing?” and he pointed to another cab. He only had three singles, and I was not about to pay 17$ for a 7$ ride that included a personal detour. So I had to wait for the other cab to arrive and give my cab driver change. I don’t want to be snobby but overall the whole thing was ridiculous.

Once I got into the booth they took my first read on both spots, so that was nice. :)

PS- happy election day!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Audish of the Day

If I was a dude I would be audishing for this for sure:

Altar Boyz Casting
Altar Boyz is an award-winning Off-Broadway musical comedy about a fictitious Christian boy band from Ohio. The show is presented in real time as a concert, the last concert of their national "Raise the Praise" tour, by the five-member group the Altar Boyz and their band.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Solo Sketch Class

Graffiti and The Playground are doing a class that sounds awesome-

Solo Sketch Comedy Class

This workshop is designed to assist, motivate, and inspire those who would like to write and perform character monologues and one-person scenes. Open to the experienced and not-so experienced, it will focus on writing, stage presence, structure, tools, tricks, timing, cadence, finding inspiration --- to name a few. The workshop will be limited to 6 students. Upon completion, performers will have performance slots in Thursday Happy Hour, the weekly solo showcase at the Playground.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tax Deductions

As we end out the year, it's a great time to review what you have spent on your career. It's also a good time to sign up for a workshop or invest in a mailing one last time for 2008- get those dollars into your career and you can deduct them against your income. Save a little bit on taxes or maybe get a refund!

*This post brought to you by the wisdom I have gained by osmosis from my CPA father.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Follow Subtle Directions

I recently went through audishes at an athletic improv theater. I am excited to report they turned out well for me and I will be playing professionally at this theater. The numbers show it was a tight race- 120 people audished and 9 were hired. I don't want to be smarmy and I would have posted this had I not been hired, but yet again I saw some of my talented friends sabotage themselves.

Things we could figure out before the audish:
  • The word 'professional' appears 4 times in the post, including "professional appearance" listed as a plus. What does this mean? Business casual, no jeans!

Things we learned during:

  • Kudos to the artistic director for starting the audish with a clear and honest speech about the process and what they were looking for. This included being family friendly, no swears. So... be clean and smart! Maybe this is not the best time to sexually harass your scene partner.
30 people were in the callback and honestly I thought everyone could have made the cut. However, there were still a few people who did not follow the two main directions they layed out- people were dressed very casual and the audish started with a blue scene. In fact, the auditor STOPPED THE SCENE and repeated the request for clean comedy. Yikes!

Does this stuff make a difference? Maybe not, but I'm always in favor of being professional and following directions. There were excellent people who were hilarious and were not hired. Auditors might not even be fully aware of it, but if it comes down to two people and one of them followed directions...

As always, stand out in a positive way.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


What is O+P=S?
Opportunity + Preparation = Success

One of my friends was recently contacted and asked to submit for a big role in an upcoming Quirk de Oil of Olay production- a new show that will eventually end up on Broadway. With his permission I am going to retell some of the details. I love this story because it is a perfect example of O+P=S and why you should always be ready. “Be ready” encompasses so many aspects of our business: Headshot, Resume, Training, Experience, Network of supportive fellow artists, Energy, and more.

Mr. B was doing the work and performing in style of theater that he loves, and then one day a casting agent contacted his recent director. There’s an opening in the show and the character description fits him like a bedazzled spandex bodysuit. Because Mr. B is a prepared actor, he had relevant training, a resume, reviews, and costumed photos ready to go and emailed that day. He passed the first round and was asked to submit additional materials. Because Mr. B is a fine human being, he had talented friends who were willing to help him with a video and a few more specific items this audition called for.

Now he’s waiting to hear back about the next round, but he’s in an excellent place. He was prepared 100% and submitted the best materials that he could. He controlled the part of the process that he could, now it’s up to them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Animal Crossing: Voiceover Folk

Had an audish today for a video game commercial. The voice of everyone’s favorite new game system is “friendly, inviting, and conversational.” Just one line, three reads in a row on one slate.

Rated SMF for So Much Fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Audish of the Day

Lots of improv audishes listed over on CIN, including Hogwash & Comedy Sportz.
Get those headshots & resumes ready. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Performink Conference

Performink is having a one day seminar on Saturday. Sounds cool!

Friday, September 12, 2008

AuDish of the Day

The House Theatre is a group that has taken Chicago by storm over the last few years, including recent nominations for several Jeff Awards. The last play I saw there was captivating. It was a drama that was also a mystery and I was so scared and creeped out that I cried. Awesome!

Check out their audish on Chicago Plays:
The House Theatre of Chicago

Rose and the Rime
Date: September 30th

Pay: Stipend
Equity / Non Equity:Non-Equity
Type / Restrictions: Looking for non-equity male and female actors with experience in physical theatre and devising original work with an ensemble. Actors who sing, play an instrument, or have circus or dance training are strongly encouraged to submit. Please send a headshot and resume to The House Theatre of Chicago, ATTN: Casting--Rose and the Rime, 4611 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite #201, Chicago, IL 60640. Auditions--by invitation--will consist of a two minute physical theatre piece of your own design and a group movement call.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Resume Skills

SKILLS: The area at the bottom of your resume where you list everything you know how to do, sortof know how to do, or at one point in time knew how to do.

Well, "flute" is listed on my resume and last week I had the urge to see if I could still play and read music. I actually played from 3rd grade until my senior year of high school, including several years of private lessons.

Quick flashback: I can clearly remember wanting to play the trombone when we walked into 'pick your instrument day'. Even today I could not reach the end of the instrument when the bottom is extended, so you can imagine how far off I was as a 3rd grader. My sister played the clarinet and I was decent at the flute, so there it was.

I am proud to report that it was a little rocky at first, but I played for almost two hours and it really came together at the end of my practice session. If called upon, I could in fact demonstrate my flute playing skills.

What are your skills?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Schmendy's Part 2

Morning audish: First off, it was at a production studio instead of my agent's office. And it seems that the studio is a converted apartment. I was a little confused walking into a building that said 'residences' but it turns out it was the right building. It was actually a long audition, they had me read several times, asking for different things. Apparently this 11 year old gal is a sassy old soul who has it together and wants to advise you in the ways of the burger. I wasn't sure I was giving them what they were asking for. But when I was done, they said I had done an excellent job. It was a good experience and an interesting audish!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Fun and full weekend ahead: I have shows tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. Improv audition on Sunday and a VO audish on Monday for the 11 year old voice of our favorite red headed burger slinger! Maybe I will get free baked potatoes if I book it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Seasons of Audishes

Back to school sales on office supplies abound, and it's time to get busy and audish for some fall shows.

Lots of auditions posted on CIN and on Chicago Plays !

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Improv Road Shows

I was just in glorious Pittsburgh, PA for two college improv shows over three days. The fun times included a great show, tax free clothes shopping, and a show that turned into a workshop. And it was all made possible by our GPS directional device. Seriously, Pittsburgh is a curvy city. Those Allegheny foothills make for some beautiful scenery but they are tricky to navigate on a dark and stormy night.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Audish of the Day

Wow, if I was a singer or dancer with real training I would totes sign up for this:

Principal Auditions
Singers Chorus Call

Lots of audishes on chicagoplays' site, what are you signing up for?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

AuDish of the Day

Here's something that drives me crazy: "performance artists" whose art is painting themselves in a metallic fashion and acting as if they are a statue. It just creeps me out! OMG it freaks me out. But if you happen to be a "performance artist" then this audish might be for you:

Human Statue needed for our trade show exhibit ....

I can't even google image search this one for you.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Youth is wasted on the young

Last night after I left my office job I had quick audish since the agency is open until 5:30. I had gotten a call that I needed to read something that afternoon or this morning, and I was able to get in yesterday. It was a public service announcement and my part was that of a teen going to a party... you can guess the rest. It's always fun to read young parts :)

Then I got a call from a friend and ended up sitting in with a great show at iO that needed another player- Felt - an improvised puppet show. A. It's so much fun everytime I get to join them; B. It feels like voiceover since we are we working through puppets.

Awesome Wednesday!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Today I had an audish that used the video from a tv spot that currently airs. From what I can remember of the ad, I think the copy was different. I had to listen to it and then try to match it- that's a new one. It took me three takes. Yea, I'm there.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Double Audish

What a week. I had an audish Wednesday and when I got there found out it was a double audish. And now I have another audish Friday. Sometimes I think this whole industry is like a really bad boyfriend. It doesn't call for weeks and then you get flowers, dinner, and chocolates. So you forgive it and then it forgets about you again. Just a subtle way to explain the lack of posts :) Anywho...

First up: a dialogue that I read with another gal. It was for a state lottery. It took off on the concept of sharing things at a barbecue and ended at sharing boyfriends. A little too weird and awkward for a lottery spot in my opinion....but what do I know?

Second: Shoes! We're talking BOGO ladies!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Acting Resumes

Last Thursday I was honored to assist my fav shortform theater with callbacks. As you may have noticed from this blog, I love audishes- on both sides of the table. And this was no exception. I got to see two awesome groups of improvisors- very hilarious. And I got see 16 resumes and headshots. Most people had it together, but I saw a few resumes that were not quite up to speed. It reminded me that when I helped out with PG incubator audishes I saw iffy resumes and even LACK of resumes from newer improvisors. Success equals preparedness plus opportunity, and that includes a top notch resume. Let's get our bizness together so we're ready to take on the world.

Center your name in larger, bold type on top of the page. Then your contact info - email/phone- and depending on what you are going for: height, weight, vocal range, union, hair color, eye color, ect.

Divide your experience into categories like improv, sketch, film/tv, voiceover, etc., with training at the bottom.
A good way to get your experience lined up nice and neat is to use a table with no borders. Then your text will line up without having to figure out the infuriating column formatting. Even if you don't have much for each category, having a neat resume will showcase what you do have.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here's an example that I found:

In closing, google acting resume or use google images and you will find all kinds of suggestions. Find what works for you and have it ready the next time an audish calls.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Quite a Saturday.
Audish #1: Agency open call as previously mentioned. It was alot like this picture that I found on google image search... By the time I got into the office it was actually just past the scheduled end time. The interns ushering us around said they were moving as quickly as possible. I think it went well - I got a one line response of 'we will keep this.' They said the same to one of my improv friends that I ran into in line. At least I got to hand in my VO demo CD.


Audish #2: For the Music Program at Second City. There were only 4 people in the group, but everyone really kicked it out of the park. The final speech about the program was that multiple factors go into choosing a balanced class- voice range, improv experience, musical theater experience... after hearing this I was a little nervous. I believe I have mentioned here before that one of my secret dreams is to be in a musical- what can I say, dancing and singing at the same time? Sign me up... for the comedy version, because I'm actually writing this on Tuesday, and I found out today that I got offered a spot in the class. 42nd Street, here I come.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Girly Audish

I just got back from an audish for a really fun beauty store that has a location about 5 minutes from my apartment. One of my favorite things about auditions is when the product turns out to be something that I know and love. And the spot was cute and funny!
"It's not easy being beautiful..."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Agency Open Call

Lily’s Talent Agency is having an open call on Saturday.
Chick it out and report back if you go!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Audish of the Day

I perform at this theater & they're having an audish- check it out!

Laugh Out Loud Theater is holding auditions for paid positions in short-form improv shows at the Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg. Looking for several people to join a rotating cast on Friday and Saturday nights, typically you would work three to four dates in a two month schedule. Owning a car is helpful but not a must – casts carpool from the city.
Auditions slots are every half hour at Gill Park Wednesday, July 16 from 4-8pm Callbacks will be atGill Park Thursday, July 17 between 4-8pm.
Email name, phone number, and time slot preference (if any) to You will receive a confirmation email with further details.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tasty Pastries

First off, sorry for the lack of posts. I have had a lack of audishes to blog about. :) Guest blogs are welcome always.
Today I had an audish for a favorite breakfast treat. Interesting script- the pastries are at the movies.
I was the valley girl toaster pastry:
I don't want to be consumed, I'm scared!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Season Generals

I'm not much of a theater person, but there are lots of season general audishes going on now:


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taxi Calculator

I just found this cool little google map mashup for calulating taxi fare:

We are living in the future.

Monday, June 2, 2008

AuDish of the Day

Please, oh please, let this be real:

All Male Dance Team Seeks YOU!!!!!

Have you always loved choreographed dance routines? Do you like watching Usher and Justin Timberlake bust a move in their music videos and at live performances with a large group of synchronized dancers?

From the Reader.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last minute audish yesterday, I actually went over to my agent's office after work instead of at lunch. Apparently the friendly golden arches is going to offer fruit smoothies and call it "McCafe". I don't usually audish for announcer parts, and it turns out it's pretty straight forward. The character /crazy stuff is more fun :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Audish Party

Yesterday I had a fun dialogue audish. It wasn't at my agent's office, it was at a casting office and there were people from several different agencies. We had to sign in on the union sheet and I got to list my AFTRA number :). Actually, I saw a few gals I know through improv- it's always fun to see people you know 'on the audish scene.' The audish was for a radio spot- a classic girly scene about banking. And by girly I mean one character was supposed to be Elle from Legally Blond and the other was Blaire from Gossip Girls. Fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Book Club

Today I had a really fun audish for an audio book as a teen girl. I got the "sides" a day in advance- usually I see the script when I get there. I really liked having the extra time, and even when I read it out loud for the first time I found some new meaning. It looks like the book is written by her for a chapter, then by a boy, then back to her and so on. It was a full page of text. And I actually got it done in one take- no fumbles.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

AuDish of the Day

Lots of Improv Audishes right now!

A pretty cool improv show is having audishes:

Chemically Imbalanced Comedy announces auditions for additional cast member for our hit improv show "Bad Review."

I have a vo audish for an audio book tomorrow, and I will report on it soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here we go again

No audishes to write about. Just an industry heads up that the AMPTP is back to the non-negotiating table. This time it is with SAG and AFTRA, and according to Deadline Hollywood Daily: This is a virtual repeat of how the group representing the Big Media companies acted during bargaining with the WGA, including how the AMPTP and moguls pitted the directors guild against the writers guild.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Audish of the Day

This looks pretty awesome:

The Jedlicka Performing Arts Center
Type / Restrictions: The Jedlicka Performing Arts Center (JPAC) will host auditions for Barry Manilow’s COPACABANA. The Production calls for the casting of three men, three women and a large singing/dancing ensemble.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Friday

Interesting dialogue audish today. I was a teen daughter with my dad. The guy who was reading the dad was actually the writer. He gave me some direction when we did the read through. Then we went into the booth and my agent gave me a different direction. We did a second take and somehow I managed to make both of them happy, so maybe he'll put in a good word for me with the creative team. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Double Duty

This Audisher was on double duty yesterday.

First up, a sketch show that required prepared songs. Plural- as in an uptempo and a ballad. When I got the email last week, I contacted my former teacher at Old Town. She fit me in for a private lesson which was super sassy and productive.

And finally yesterday arrived- the first time I had to sing a prepared song for an audish. I was looking forward to singing in my cab on the way there, because I have secret fantasies of being a Broadway musical star and this was as close as I will probably get to that.

I knew this was a sassy cab when I saw bright red seats. And I did have an awesome cab driver who didn't mind my practice singing, and in fact was very encouraging and claimed to enjoy my songs. He actually had some great advice when I told him I was audishing- "try hard and keep persisting" - a man after my own optimism.

Second up, a vo audish. For the role of an 'ethnically non-descript' friend who was 'nice, upbeat, funny, natural.'

Fun lunch time, but I seriously spent $20 on cabs. Yikes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Postage Is On Sale

Postage is going up May 12, which is a great deadline to set for doing another round of mailings to agents. I'm sending one out today. I haven't done a mailing in about a year, so it's a bit overdue, but now I can include my AFTRA status and recent bookings. From what I hear, the timeline is one or two times a year, and in between you can send postcards with your career updates (classes, shows, bookings).

So what exactly is a mailing to agents? You only need 2 things:
  1. A cover letter (I am looking for representation, this is my background, here are my shows)
  2. Headshot w/resume trimmed to 8x10 and stapled to the back. Or your demo if it is a VO mailing.

Who do you send it to?

  1. Agents- build a list from the list of franchised agents on AFTRA & SAG's websites. Non union agents can be found in the Chicago Creative Directory
  2. Casting- be sure your letter to casting directors says you are submitting for their files, not looking for representation. Also find these in the Chi Creative Directory.

How do you make cute mailing labels? Use those admin day jobs skills and get this info into an excel sheet. Search 'mail merge' on word help. You can create a letter and then mail merge the greeting, and you can mail merge to get address labels. Avery 5160 are my fav labels.

Then wait for the calls to roll in. And while you ware waiting, think of something you can do that you can announce on a postcard. Fun!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's official! When I joined I got a super cute t-shirt, and they actually had a size small. On the back it says "AFTRA/SAG Chicago Believe It!" I love that slogan, because you really do need a positive, proactive attitude to propel yourself in the crazy world of entertainment. It reminded me of this guy who was in my VO class at the audition studio way back in Nov of '06, who constantly offered his opinion about how it was impossible to get work or do anything. I really don't know why he took the class, maybe he needed an audience for his negative vibes. It was infuriating to me and the teacher (I think) because every time the teach said something like, "this is how to do a mailing, this is what your cover letter should say, this is who to send it to," the guy would speak up. He would say things like, "Yea, sure, but that's not going to work, no one reads those. Who's going to actually get work?" I'm not sure why he was so bitter, maybe he had put himself out there a little bit and been rejected. It's hard, but you have to keep trying. I made a demo, I mailed it, I waited. Finally got a call from an agent. It then took 7 months for me to book my first job, but I kept auditioning and checking in with them. Now I have done four jobs in 2008 and hopefully people around town are getting to know my voice. Believe you can do it and so will others.
In any case, it was cheaper than the XL shirt I got from the SC Conservatory ;)
Believe it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Radio Spot Time

So much fun would be the wrong way to describe my vo gig today, because it would be longer than my script. Yes, that's right, my Texas radio debut is two words. And they didn't have an actual script. But I'm not complaining, because cheese is cheddar, you know? And this gouda comes from a very popular brewing company.

I have discovered one of my favorite things in the world is being offered water at recording studios: "room temp or cold?" I was like, you know what, sometimes I do want room temp!

It took twenty minutes and I got a milkshake at McDonald's for the walk back to my day job.

Too much fun!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sally Field

Oh my, I just found out that my previous work makes me a must join for AFTRA. As in, I must join before my next job...tomorrow morning. I was a little worried after talking to my agent, but when I called the union office they said it's OK for me to go in on Thursday.
And just when I was thinking about using some of my savings for lasik. In terms of how much I put into my demo/career vs how much paid work I have done, this is a big fat red waterfall. But I am excited to take this professional step. There are many benefits from the union and from others given as a courtesy to card holders, included cheaper classes at a local dance studio that I love. And who doesn't love Sally Field??


Great news: I will be making my radio debut. I just got booked for a beer radio spot- I have one line and it will air in Texas only. We record tommorow and I will try to post an update late in the day.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Dance Team

I am going to link back to myself for today's audish. Last night we went to the Bull's game and I was reminded of how fun it was to audish for the Cleveland Cavs Dancers.

I wish there was a dance team for upper twenty-year-olds who used to be on a dance team 5 years ago but don't want to wear tube tops.

Oh wait, there is, it's called the Chicago Sashay Company....

Audish of the Day

Agency Open Call:

From the News section:
Open Casting Call - April 19th, 2008, adults 2-4 pm.

I went to this last year, it is right in Oprah's neighborhood. Last year they had us cold read some commercials, and there were lots of interesting people there audishing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

AuDish of the Day

Cool Improv Audish:

What?• The Museum of Science and Industry is looking for improvisers to perform in its new exhibit – The Smart Home: Green and Wired – a modular house (no, NOT like in a trailer park) loaded with cutting edge technology (an exercise bike that can power up your beer fridge) and the latest trends in green living and sustainable design (a bathroom sink made from recycled toilets).
• We’ll provide you with content and some character suggestions to build from; you’ll utilize your skills and talents to create a fun, engaging and interactive experience.
Who?• Improvisers looking to gain experience interacting with a wide variety of audiences while honing their character skills and getting PAID to have fun!

More details on CIN

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chicago Sympony

I recently did a google search to find out if other people were blogging about audishes in Chicago. This great blog that focuses on classical music had just posted a story about audishing for the Chicago Sympony. With permission, here is part of the story:

While interesting characters come out of the woodwork for any unscreened audition, percussion auditions at the Chicago Symphony often seem to draw a lot of, well, rock drummers who think that it would be 'cool' to audition for the Chicago Symphony. While many of these people are undoubtedly also excellent classical percussionists, if you hand the typical rock drummer the Gershwin Porgy & Bess xylophone excerpt (or other such classical warhorse) you're likely to get.... interesting results.
I recall hearing about one particular percussion candidate who, coming out onstage for his audition (behind a screen, with the audition proctor next to him to answer any questions), stared in puzzlement at the cymbal part for the Symphony No. 4 by Tchaikovsky.
He looked at the cymbal part.
He looked at the proctor.
He looked at the part again.
He looked back at the proctor.
He asked:
"Hey man.... how does this tune go?"

Read the rest here.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Products

Sometimes when you get copy for a new product, you have to ask how to pronounce the name. Ever since I started pursuing voiceover, I have paid more attention to the 'sound' of radio and tv spots. A tv spot just caught my attention.

It was for a new acid reflex control drug.

I didn't catch the spelling, but it sounded alot like "ass effects."

Saturday, April 5, 2008

AuDish of the Day

Wow. Someone please audish for this and let me know how it goes:

Open Auditions

Open auditions for The World of Faeries Festival will be held at Sheil Park - 3505 N. Southport Ave, Chicago on April 12 from 1-4. Prepare a one minute monologue. For more info email ...

Friday, April 4, 2008


On the audish menu today: a spot for a cable company. Now this really required some acting skills as our cable sucks, but the character descripsh was right up my alley:

Early 20s, youthful quality, able to make lots of info sound casual and friendly

But I feel a little weird about this one. The copy was a little clunky and I stumbled over some words so we had to do retakes. There was a frog in my throat and I was thirsty. Ugg.

Oh well, at least I got to say one of my favorite phrases- you know it's "I'm always on the go!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guest Blog: Thirsty

Courtesy of the hilarious Robert Buscemi who blogs at :

"So I was venturing a toe back into the waters of theater, trying desperately to get back in after having unwisely strayed from the stage to go into grad school in English Lit, after having two fantastic experiences in plays senior year in undergrad.

I hated grad school and had no business there, and secretly lusted to go back into theater. The problem is I hadn't been in a play in about three years, and I'd never memorized or performed an audition monologue before, ever. The two plays I'd gotten into in undergrad had just entailed script-readings, if I recall correctly.

I was so nervous to audition that I signed up on the sheet late at night after everyone had left the building. I was that nervous and awed still by theater in general. I remember it was dark outside and I memorized a monologue for the audition from "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" after seeing the movie with Tim Roth and Gary Oldman.

The monologue is this riddling tongue-twister thing about being buried alive in a box. Very funny and playful and dark, like the play. Though I later read that it's a completely over-done monologue. But that afternoon I forced a friend to listen to me do it over and over, and by the end I had it down pretty well.

The entire monologue fled me almost immediately in the audition, and I just rambled and panicked. I got SUPER nervous and MASSIVELY flustered, so much so that
I ...
I ...
I ... grabbed one of the two auditioner's cans of soda off their table to take a swig to wet my mouth and try again.

Do you follow that? It wasn't my soda, and I didn't know them. It was just totally impulsive and unconscious. One of them said "Whoa!" or something. I just blathered out some apology and got the hell out of there.

I think I got some weird, perverse, masochistic thrill out of it though, as I often do from botched theater experiences.

That's my story."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For the writers out there
Is a challenge to write 100 pages in the month of April. Let me know if you sign up & we can be buddies. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

cover lettuce

I'll be out of town Friday through Monday in Los Angeles. Maybe I will find an extras audition to go to out there. It's going to be hard, but I will do my best to find an actor to interview for more stories.

In the meantime, think about this: cover letters. With so many people asking for audition requests by email and sending out mailings, your cover letter is totes important. We're essentially applying for a job. In a similar sense, your cover letter is a chance to highlight relevant experience, recent projects/bookings, and education. Set yourself apart and include a short note in addition to "I would like to request an audish, my rezy & h/s are attached."

Make them throw viruses to the wind and open your attachments!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AuDish of the Day


Another Chicago Theater Company
The Last Play Standing

Date: Auditions Saturday April 5 from Noon to 4PM, with callbacks Sunday April 6

Time: By appointment

Audition Location: Sheil Park 3505 N. Southport Ave.

Type / Restrictions: ACT Company seeks all ages and types for their Staged Reading Competition Series: The Last Play Standing.

Time Commitment:Performances Fridays and Saturdays April 18- May 3.

Material to Prepare: Headshot/resume, cold reading, familiarity with Shurtleff Guideposts a plus.

Contact Info: Contact Courtney Melzer to schedule an audition
Reply to Email:
Audition Posted On: 3/25/2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday Report

Awesome view from this west/rivernorthish building. Monday tally for 5 hours of recording narration:
  • two bottles of water
  • one cup of tea
  • one can of pop

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monologue Class Roundup

I just did a search for a monologue class and this is what I found:

Act One
$20, 3 hours, March 30.

Victory Gardens Theater:
$225, 4 weeks, starts Monday, April 7.

Audition Studio
$375, 8 weeks, starts April 28 (during the day).

Might end up at Victory Gardens or doing a private sesh at the Audition Studio/Act One.

Anyone ever take these classes? Leave a comment :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Giggin' It, Just a Little Bit

Today I had the voiceover job for a virtual trade show and boy is my jaw tired. (Is this thing on? Ahem.) It was a fun but long two and a half hours. I got to the office and realized that it was not a regular recording set up, it was actually the same large green screen room where the audition was held. And it was just a table top mic plugged into a computer. And they were training new people on how to record. For the first half hour I waited while they figured out some recording issues, and then we started. Because the mic would have buzzing and other random noises we had to do many retakes. At this point I have practically memorized everything you need to know about exhibiting online. We only got through two of the scripts so I am going back on Monday to do the last and longest script. I feel like I am a model talking about how posing is actually a lot of work.

Another Milestone: I will pay off my demo with this gig!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got a call last night that the viral video shoot is cancelled by the client pending further research- tres hollywood. The good news that now I can go to a brunch with one of my improv teams- tres chicago.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exciting times

Great news- I have two bookings to announce and I will report on them this weekend.

You may remember this post about the day I had a triple ausdishle. I got an email about a month later saying I would be added to their talent bank. And I got another email yesterday saying they had a client who wanted to use me. It is narration/hosting for a flash program and I'll be recording on Friday.

And I did get cast in the viral video- looks like bum bruises can be good luck. It films on Sunday.

The other reason I am excited about all of this is that it gives me something new to report while doing an agency and casting director mailing. One of the workshops I took mentioned that the best thing you can do is have 'news' in your mailing. News can be bookings or classes, anything that shows you're working and/or working on your craft. When was the last time you did a mailing? My last headshot mailing was about a year ago, I did a voiceover demo mailing in December. It's time for another round. Let's get it going this spring.

Monday, March 17, 2008

PerformInk Audish Story

The current edition of PerformInk has a cover story about audishing in Chicago and contains interviews with several different casting people. Check it out!

viral videos give me bruises

Saturday I had an audish for a "viral video" that I found through craigslist. Anyone who checks the ads on craiglist regularly will attest to the fact that it can be great and it can be creepy. I decided this one was on the good side after I googled all the names and found previous work they had done. Sometimes google-stalking is a safety measure. :) They emailed me the sides and it was an airport set in the 40s. I got there and it turns out that is not what the ad would be, it is just for the audish. I read twice and that was it. Until I was out their door and walking down the stairs, where I promptly lost my footing and bumped down the steps. Let's just say it's a good thing I don't go on modeling audishes for bikinis.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I had a two audishes today and it's clear that the world is ready to crawl out from under winter and go out for fun sandwiches and coffee.

First- McFancyPantsCoffee: a fun spot that reflected my daily life. Spot: girl finds missing sock and uses the accomplishment as a reason to get a fun latte. Audisher: girl does anything and uses the accomplishment as a reason to get dessert.

Second- A local sub chain purporting to be owned by your second tier relatives featured a 'ditsy, Goldie Hawn' voice. A trendsetter being interviewed about the latest in food... and toasters that run on ethanol.

Friday, March 7, 2008

legally cool

I had an audish this week for a beer company.
When we slated- name, role- we were also required to state that we were leagally over 25. A little unusual but I guess it means they are trying to be responsible advertisers...even if they are enforcing the 'annoying girfriend' myth with this standard girlie line: "How could anything be more important than shopping?"

Friday, February 22, 2008


Recording the tampon TV demo on Wednesday was super, super fun. First I waited for everyone to arrive- two sound engineers, three agency people, and two other lady voiceover actors. It turns out they had three girls come in from my agency without picking the parts. So we each read the script, it got cast, they patched in another voice from a different city, and then for the next hour we had about twenty takes. The writer was present and as we went a few words were added or dropped. It was really great to be involved in a spot that was actually funny and cute with a nice concept. Again, as this was a demo so here's hoping it makes it through to the air!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am seriously pleased to announce that I am about to pass a milestone career point for every young actress: this afternoon I will be recording a TV demo voiceover for tampons.


This one was also booked off my demo so I haven't seen the script.

Feel sporty even when you're spot-y! Tampons!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Charachtish descripsh

I had an audish for lunch today...

"urban-anglo (white)...early 20's...voice is cute but not childish or valleygirlish...a lot of energy...likes to have fun and staying connected to everyone is really important to her"

Urban-anglo is a new one....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So, last week was tres fun - I recorded a 'radio demo' for a production company. This means that it is for presentation to a client, not to air on the radio (yet). It was really fun, I was playing a 19 yr old. Here are the possible outcomes:
  • client buys as is and it airs
  • client wants the same talent, new script and we record again
  • client wants new talent
  • client wants none of it

Let's all vote for the first one :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Now here is a secret that may discredit any audish advice I may have posted- after 8 months of vo audishes, I had not booked any actual work. UNTIL.... Monday! I was put on hold Thursday afternoon (see previous post re: whirlwind Thursday). I was excited but trying to not be too excited because basically it just meant they were checking my availability. Then on Monday my agent called and said I booked it (funnest thing to say, ever). The hilarious thing about all of this is that I got booked off my demo, not an audition. In fact when they called me Thursday I had to ask what it was for because besides that afternoon, I hadn't had a vo audish in weeks.

I haven't seen the script yet and it is for a "radio demo", so it's not going to air unless the production company sells it to the client.

I will report on the session later this week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Triple Audishle

Thursday was a whirlwind.

First I had an audish that I found for myself through craigslist- a software company that creates virtual tradeshows and needs voiceover/on camera hosts. I got there and was led into a huge green screen room with the script projected onto the wall. They had me go through it about 5 times and said that they would be cutting it together to create a library of talent for their clients to choose from. At the end they said I was 'ahead of the curve.' So either it went well or I was being compared to everyone who answers craiglist ads.

Second, I had an audish with my voiceover agent. I got there and found out it was actually for 2 different spots which is always fun and double the cab value. The first one was for a contest for kids to win a trip to space camp, supercute. The second was for a vapid Valentine's Day commercial for cell phones. If I could have a red phone that directly connected to every copywriter in the city, I would tell them to please stop using the following formula for radio spots: "Guy does something stupid, Girl is mad." Come on, more credit is due on both accounts.

Guy: I got you this cell phone. AND I programmed our song as the ring tone!
Girl: Oh so swee- (not the right ring tone) that's not our song!

In real life, the girl would be mad as soon as she saw that the gift was a cell phone. Unless it was hidden inside a flower inside a chocolate flower inside of a diamond necklace. Am I right ladies???

Monday, January 14, 2008

Audish Definish

Tourco audishes are this week, break a leg everybody!

I get word of the day emails from and recently this appeared in my inbox:

audition \aw-DISH-un\ noun
1 : the power or sense of hearing 2 : the act of hearing; especially : a critical hearing 3 : a trial performance to appraise an entertainer's merits

Did you know? Today, “audition” most often refers to a theatrical or musical tryout, but that wasn’t always the case. “Audition" is rooted in the Latin verb "audire," meaning "to hear," and was first used in the late 16th century to refer to the power or sense of hearing. "Audire" is also the root of such "hearing" words in English as "audible," "audience" (which first meant "the act or state of hearing"), and the prefix "audio-," which appears in various words relating to sound. It wasn’t until late 19th century that the noun “audition” began being used for an entertainer’s trial performance. And the verb “audition,” meaning "to test or try out in an audition," didn’t appear on the English language stage until the mid-20th century.

The original meaning of audition is a wonderful thing to think about going into an audish. For one thing, we all know that listening is a huge part of a successful improv scene. For two things, what really applies to any audition is hearing what the auditors are asking for and doing your best to deliver. Every VO audish I have been on has included some character description. Am I really listening and delivering what I think a depressed superhero would sound like? I try :) I think every tourco audish I have done has started with a speech from the SC folk saying that after watching tons of audishes they do not want to see inappropriate scenes or language. And then I see why they have to make that speech, because someone freaks out and does a prostitute-incest-seduction scene that freaks everyone else out.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years!!!

Whoo hooo! Way to go 2007- in Winter 07 I finished my voiceover class and got new headshots. I did a headshot/rezy mailing. I made a voiceover demo and sent it out. Spring 07 I got called in to audition for a Hispanic focused talent agency (I will have to write that up), was 'registered' but never got called in again. I got called in to a VO agent and have been audishing on a regular basis. I joined the cast of a great improv theater out in the burbs where I get paid for shows. Fall 07 I started the writing program at iO and just finished the third level. Winter 07 I revised my VO demo and on Monday mailed out another round to agents.

Oh yea! And I started this blog to keep track of my auditions. I hope to write many more entries in 2008.