Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exciting times

Great news- I have two bookings to announce and I will report on them this weekend.

You may remember this post about the day I had a triple ausdishle. I got an email about a month later saying I would be added to their talent bank. And I got another email yesterday saying they had a client who wanted to use me. It is narration/hosting for a flash program and I'll be recording on Friday.

And I did get cast in the viral video- looks like bum bruises can be good luck. It films on Sunday.

The other reason I am excited about all of this is that it gives me something new to report while doing an agency and casting director mailing. One of the workshops I took mentioned that the best thing you can do is have 'news' in your mailing. News can be bookings or classes, anything that shows you're working and/or working on your craft. When was the last time you did a mailing? My last headshot mailing was about a year ago, I did a voiceover demo mailing in December. It's time for another round. Let's get it going this spring.

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