Friday, January 25, 2008

Triple Audishle

Thursday was a whirlwind.

First I had an audish that I found for myself through craigslist- a software company that creates virtual tradeshows and needs voiceover/on camera hosts. I got there and was led into a huge green screen room with the script projected onto the wall. They had me go through it about 5 times and said that they would be cutting it together to create a library of talent for their clients to choose from. At the end they said I was 'ahead of the curve.' So either it went well or I was being compared to everyone who answers craiglist ads.

Second, I had an audish with my voiceover agent. I got there and found out it was actually for 2 different spots which is always fun and double the cab value. The first one was for a contest for kids to win a trip to space camp, supercute. The second was for a vapid Valentine's Day commercial for cell phones. If I could have a red phone that directly connected to every copywriter in the city, I would tell them to please stop using the following formula for radio spots: "Guy does something stupid, Girl is mad." Come on, more credit is due on both accounts.

Guy: I got you this cell phone. AND I programmed our song as the ring tone!
Girl: Oh so swee- (not the right ring tone) that's not our song!

In real life, the girl would be mad as soon as she saw that the gift was a cell phone. Unless it was hidden inside a flower inside a chocolate flower inside of a diamond necklace. Am I right ladies???

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