Thursday, February 11, 2010

Relax and buy this insurance!

Today's VO audish was for a masseuse character described as "female, 25-35 sounding, lighter, cheerier." The dialouge was just one line, the rest of the spot was for a 35-45 yr old female voice. Because it was just one line, they had me read it three different ways.

"I'll be walking on your back now"

"I'll be walking on your back now"

"I'll be walking on your back now"

Voice Acting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ba da Ba Ba Booked

November through the first part of January was pretty slow for auditions. I am super happy to report that there is now lots to blog about!

Friday I got a call that I was requested for an audish at 4:30. That sounded great, and it got even better when I got to my agency. "You're on hold for Monday, no pressure," my agent said as she handed me a script for the golden arches. THE golden arches. It was a dialogue for an Olympic seasonal item and I was a teenage figure skater. So fun!

All weekend I tried not to think or talk about it. Finally at noon yesterday they called to say I was booked. We recorded that afternoon and from what I know so far it's a national spot.

Before we recorded they said "Let's start at 15 and age it up if we need to." I said OK but I was really thinking...I am mostly going to talk like I always do, but keep it in my higher voice.

The actor playing my coach asked where they found us, and the coordinator said it was off of demos because it was a very tight time frame. If you're a long time reader, you know I've booked mostly off my demo which is from Bam Studios. Always good to hear that since I spent so much money on it!!

And just when I was getting a big ego about booking a national radio spot- later that night I was in a rehearsal for a musical where I play a 14 yr old, and the director said to me, "Can you use that high pitched annoying voice that you have?"