Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's official! When I joined I got a super cute t-shirt, and they actually had a size small. On the back it says "AFTRA/SAG Chicago Believe It!" I love that slogan, because you really do need a positive, proactive attitude to propel yourself in the crazy world of entertainment. It reminded me of this guy who was in my VO class at the audition studio way back in Nov of '06, who constantly offered his opinion about how it was impossible to get work or do anything. I really don't know why he took the class, maybe he needed an audience for his negative vibes. It was infuriating to me and the teacher (I think) because every time the teach said something like, "this is how to do a mailing, this is what your cover letter should say, this is who to send it to," the guy would speak up. He would say things like, "Yea, sure, but that's not going to work, no one reads those. Who's going to actually get work?" I'm not sure why he was so bitter, maybe he had put himself out there a little bit and been rejected. It's hard, but you have to keep trying. I made a demo, I mailed it, I waited. Finally got a call from an agent. It then took 7 months for me to book my first job, but I kept auditioning and checking in with them. Now I have done four jobs in 2008 and hopefully people around town are getting to know my voice. Believe you can do it and so will others.
In any case, it was cheaper than the XL shirt I got from the SC Conservatory ;)
Believe it!

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