Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Resume Skills

SKILLS: The area at the bottom of your resume where you list everything you know how to do, sortof know how to do, or at one point in time knew how to do.

Well, "flute" is listed on my resume and last week I had the urge to see if I could still play and read music. I actually played from 3rd grade until my senior year of high school, including several years of private lessons.

Quick flashback: I can clearly remember wanting to play the trombone when we walked into 'pick your instrument day'. Even today I could not reach the end of the instrument when the bottom is extended, so you can imagine how far off I was as a 3rd grader. My sister played the clarinet and I was decent at the flute, so there it was.

I am proud to report that it was a little rocky at first, but I played for almost two hours and it really came together at the end of my practice session. If called upon, I could in fact demonstrate my flute playing skills.

What are your skills?

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