Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Solo Sketch Class

Graffiti and The Playground are doing a class that sounds awesome-

Solo Sketch Comedy Class

This workshop is designed to assist, motivate, and inspire those who would like to write and perform character monologues and one-person scenes. Open to the experienced and not-so experienced, it will focus on writing, stage presence, structure, tools, tricks, timing, cadence, finding inspiration --- to name a few. The workshop will be limited to 6 students. Upon completion, performers will have performance slots in Thursday Happy Hour, the weekly solo showcase at the Playground.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tax Deductions

As we end out the year, it's a great time to review what you have spent on your career. It's also a good time to sign up for a workshop or invest in a mailing one last time for 2008- get those dollars into your career and you can deduct them against your income. Save a little bit on taxes or maybe get a refund!

*This post brought to you by the wisdom I have gained by osmosis from my CPA father.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Follow Subtle Directions

I recently went through audishes at an athletic improv theater. I am excited to report they turned out well for me and I will be playing professionally at this theater. The numbers show it was a tight race- 120 people audished and 9 were hired. I don't want to be smarmy and I would have posted this had I not been hired, but yet again I saw some of my talented friends sabotage themselves.

Things we could figure out before the audish:
  • The word 'professional' appears 4 times in the post, including "professional appearance" listed as a plus. What does this mean? Business casual, no jeans!

Things we learned during:

  • Kudos to the artistic director for starting the audish with a clear and honest speech about the process and what they were looking for. This included being family friendly, no swears. So... be clean and smart! Maybe this is not the best time to sexually harass your scene partner.
30 people were in the callback and honestly I thought everyone could have made the cut. However, there were still a few people who did not follow the two main directions they layed out- people were dressed very casual and the audish started with a blue scene. In fact, the auditor STOPPED THE SCENE and repeated the request for clean comedy. Yikes!

Does this stuff make a difference? Maybe not, but I'm always in favor of being professional and following directions. There were excellent people who were hilarious and were not hired. Auditors might not even be fully aware of it, but if it comes down to two people and one of them followed directions...

As always, stand out in a positive way.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


What is O+P=S?
Opportunity + Preparation = Success

One of my friends was recently contacted and asked to submit for a big role in an upcoming Quirk de Oil of Olay production- a new show that will eventually end up on Broadway. With his permission I am going to retell some of the details. I love this story because it is a perfect example of O+P=S and why you should always be ready. “Be ready” encompasses so many aspects of our business: Headshot, Resume, Training, Experience, Network of supportive fellow artists, Energy, and more.

Mr. B was doing the work and performing in style of theater that he loves, and then one day a casting agent contacted his recent director. There’s an opening in the show and the character description fits him like a bedazzled spandex bodysuit. Because Mr. B is a prepared actor, he had relevant training, a resume, reviews, and costumed photos ready to go and emailed that day. He passed the first round and was asked to submit additional materials. Because Mr. B is a fine human being, he had talented friends who were willing to help him with a video and a few more specific items this audition called for.

Now he’s waiting to hear back about the next round, but he’s in an excellent place. He was prepared 100% and submitted the best materials that he could. He controlled the part of the process that he could, now it’s up to them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Animal Crossing: Voiceover Folk

Had an audish today for a video game commercial. The voice of everyone’s favorite new game system is “friendly, inviting, and conversational.” Just one line, three reads in a row on one slate.

Rated SMF for So Much Fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Audish of the Day

Lots of improv audishes listed over on CIN, including Hogwash & Comedy Sportz.
Get those headshots & resumes ready. :)