Thursday, October 9, 2008


What is O+P=S?
Opportunity + Preparation = Success

One of my friends was recently contacted and asked to submit for a big role in an upcoming Quirk de Oil of Olay production- a new show that will eventually end up on Broadway. With his permission I am going to retell some of the details. I love this story because it is a perfect example of O+P=S and why you should always be ready. “Be ready” encompasses so many aspects of our business: Headshot, Resume, Training, Experience, Network of supportive fellow artists, Energy, and more.

Mr. B was doing the work and performing in style of theater that he loves, and then one day a casting agent contacted his recent director. There’s an opening in the show and the character description fits him like a bedazzled spandex bodysuit. Because Mr. B is a prepared actor, he had relevant training, a resume, reviews, and costumed photos ready to go and emailed that day. He passed the first round and was asked to submit additional materials. Because Mr. B is a fine human being, he had talented friends who were willing to help him with a video and a few more specific items this audition called for.

Now he’s waiting to hear back about the next round, but he’s in an excellent place. He was prepared 100% and submitted the best materials that he could. He controlled the part of the process that he could, now it’s up to them.

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