Saturday, July 19, 2008


Quite a Saturday.
Audish #1: Agency open call as previously mentioned. It was alot like this picture that I found on google image search... By the time I got into the office it was actually just past the scheduled end time. The interns ushering us around said they were moving as quickly as possible. I think it went well - I got a one line response of 'we will keep this.' They said the same to one of my improv friends that I ran into in line. At least I got to hand in my VO demo CD.


Audish #2: For the Music Program at Second City. There were only 4 people in the group, but everyone really kicked it out of the park. The final speech about the program was that multiple factors go into choosing a balanced class- voice range, improv experience, musical theater experience... after hearing this I was a little nervous. I believe I have mentioned here before that one of my secret dreams is to be in a musical- what can I say, dancing and singing at the same time? Sign me up... for the comedy version, because I'm actually writing this on Tuesday, and I found out today that I got offered a spot in the class. 42nd Street, here I come.

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