Friday, March 21, 2008

Giggin' It, Just a Little Bit

Today I had the voiceover job for a virtual trade show and boy is my jaw tired. (Is this thing on? Ahem.) It was a fun but long two and a half hours. I got to the office and realized that it was not a regular recording set up, it was actually the same large green screen room where the audition was held. And it was just a table top mic plugged into a computer. And they were training new people on how to record. For the first half hour I waited while they figured out some recording issues, and then we started. Because the mic would have buzzing and other random noises we had to do many retakes. At this point I have practically memorized everything you need to know about exhibiting online. We only got through two of the scripts so I am going back on Monday to do the last and longest script. I feel like I am a model talking about how posing is actually a lot of work.

Another Milestone: I will pay off my demo with this gig!!

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