Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spike TV Open Call for Male Hosts at iO 3/22 & 3/23

Here's one for the dudes that recently popped up in my email and is also on craigslist:

A New Late Night Show for SPIKE TV is casting a Host:

Monday March 22nd AND Tuesday March 23rd 10am-4pm

***Come prepared with a 30 second bit and your best improv skills.

*** If selected, you must be available for a callback either Wednesday 3/24 or Thursday 3/25

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Relax and buy this insurance!

Today's VO audish was for a masseuse character described as "female, 25-35 sounding, lighter, cheerier." The dialouge was just one line, the rest of the spot was for a 35-45 yr old female voice. Because it was just one line, they had me read it three different ways.

"I'll be walking on your back now"

"I'll be walking on your back now"

"I'll be walking on your back now"

Voice Acting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ba da Ba Ba Booked

November through the first part of January was pretty slow for auditions. I am super happy to report that there is now lots to blog about!

Friday I got a call that I was requested for an audish at 4:30. That sounded great, and it got even better when I got to my agency. "You're on hold for Monday, no pressure," my agent said as she handed me a script for the golden arches. THE golden arches. It was a dialogue for an Olympic seasonal item and I was a teenage figure skater. So fun!

All weekend I tried not to think or talk about it. Finally at noon yesterday they called to say I was booked. We recorded that afternoon and from what I know so far it's a national spot.

Before we recorded they said "Let's start at 15 and age it up if we need to." I said OK but I was really thinking...I am mostly going to talk like I always do, but keep it in my higher voice.

The actor playing my coach asked where they found us, and the coordinator said it was off of demos because it was a very tight time frame. If you're a long time reader, you know I've booked mostly off my demo which is from Bam Studios. Always good to hear that since I spent so much money on it!!

And just when I was getting a big ego about booking a national radio spot- later that night I was in a rehearsal for a musical where I play a 14 yr old, and the director said to me, "Can you use that high pitched annoying voice that you have?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Acting Classes & Discount!

My friends at Green Shirt Studio have some great new classes & a nice discount for friends of friends:

It's the New Year and it's a great time to turn over a new leaf in your acting! Why not study Sanford Meisner's Approach to acting with certified instructors?

We at Green Shirt Studio have been working hard to put together our winter classes and are excited for them to begin. This time around are offering two LEVEL 1 MEISNER classes as well as a brand new MEISNER MONOLOGUE class that we're very excited about. But what we're most excited and proud about is that we're able to offer this high quality training at prices well below the average cost of acting classes in Chicago, and on top of our low tuition we want to offer a 10% discount to friends of our friends. If you received this e-mail from a friend, just mention code "FRIENDS OF FRIENDS" when signing up to take advantage of this discount.

Classes are filling up but there is still time for you to sign up and take advantage of the discount!
Here are the details:
LEVEL 1 - LIVING TRUTHFULLY (10 weeks/$225 w/ discount)This is our core Meisner training class-- learn to get out of your head and be present in your acting and in the world around you.
**Saturdays, 1/16 - 3/20 from 1pm-3:30pm --or--**Sundays, 1/17 - 3/21 from 12pm-2:30pm
MEISNER MONOLOGUES (6 weeks/$180 w/ discount)Learn to give an incredibly truthful audition and let your personality shine through your monologues in this intensive class. **Saturdays, 1/16-2/20 from 4pm-6pm
PACKAGE DEAL (2 classes for a steal):Take a Level 1 class and Meisner Monologues at the same time and save $100! That's 2 classes for $350!

Class descriptions at
You can't beat the quality of training that we offer, and the affordable price only sweetens the deal.
To signup call 773-944-0611 or email us at
We look forward to working with you soon!
All the best,
Sommer & Andrew

Monday, January 11, 2010

GayCo Audish

GayCo is having an audish - a rare occurrence for this amazing sketch group. I saw their last show and it was very hilarious. Check it out below and email for an audition!!

Become A GayCo Artistic Associate
It's our first audition in nearly 3 years! GayCo has been creating critically-acclaimed GLBT-themed sketch comedy since 1997. Join our body of talented Artistic Associates; Opportunities include touring shows, sketch revues, short films, development workshops.

Audition Date: Saturday 23rd, starting at 1pm at the Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted Chicago, IL Room 203). Callbacks:Sunday Jan 24th, between 1pm and 5pm. Prepare one comedic monologue of 2 minutes or less (or two one-minute character monologues); audition will include cold-reading of comedy scenes and improvisation.

To Reserve Audition Slot e-mail More Information About GayCo:

Technical & Design Associates:
GayCo accepts proposals for technical & design associates and production interns year-round. Send a resume and letter of interest to

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Solo Comedy Class

The Playground is offering a solo comedy class, sign up here

If you've been in a creative rut, and/or you lack written material, this solo comedy class will get you in gear. It's also a great jumpstart if you're thinking about doing a solo show. Taught by all-around comedian Paul Thomas, the class focuses on crafting structurally sound scenes, creating multi-faceted characters, and performing with the confidence and discipline of a good stand-up comic.

Chick it out!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I have not posted much lately because I have not had a VO audish recently. That's ok, I assume I am still with my agency because I did get an email from them to all their actors saying not to go in for an audition if you are sick.

All this down time has given me the opportunity to reset- I just got new headshots with the fabulous Brian McConkey. When I get the prints, I will be sending out a mailing with my new headshots. Now I should probably start to prepare a monologue in case someone calls me!'s almost Dec 31st- so if you made over $600 and are into getting tax deductions, start gathering receipts and/or buy stuff and services you can deduct. I'm not a CPA but my dad plays one in real life.