Monday, July 30, 2007

The Most Fun Audish So Far

Last week was a great Tuesday. First I got a call to set up an audish Wednesday. Then I got a call saying they just got something in that they needed to turn around by noon Wednesday, and could I come in the afternoon instead? So I jumped in a cab at 5 and had 2 superfun audishes. This one was the best so far. I saw the character description that I have been preparing for my whole life.
  • Casting for Cheerleader/Squad: girls, caucasian, (who sound) age 14-16. Must be accent free, would be ideal to have talent deliver the script in cheerleader fashion, including claps. Girl should have high energy, but not over too the top.

I just want to highlight a few of my favorite things in this copy: 'deliver the script in cheerleader fashion' and 'not too over the top,' so..... just a little over the top.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What are you looking for?

Character descriptions on VO copy:

  • Very playful almost exaggerated accent of choice (actually from my first real vo audish!)
  • Natural not voice-overish. They should be real energetic.
  • Woman 1- Meek but with a crazy side, Woman 2- very meek. Reference; The "Delicious Dish" radio talk show host from Saturday Night Live.
  • A pleasant young woman with a charm and rasp to her voice. She should sound like sweet office receptionist.
  • Friendly & vibrant
  • With building excitement
  • Realistic but interesting voices to help our animation have character
  • Not overwrought or super-emotional, but very heartfelt and personal


  • He's a guy that hasn't had too much luck with the ladies, has finally found his angle. No slick answer types, more Turtle-esque from Entourage
  • A young country club gentleman with an air of aristocracy and a snooty wit. Should sound like an 80's brat pack type or late 90's teen snob. No British accents please.

I just hate those late 90's teen snobs.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


In Voiceover land, there are announcer voices and character voices. Basically, any non-announcer part is considered ‘character.’ Before that awesome class I took at the Audition Studio I thought character voiceover work meant only animated character voices. Sometimes you audition by yourself, and sometimes they call in the talent to record the audish together.

Tuesday I was called in to do a 'dialogue' which is my agent's code word for 'the other person will be there.' I walked into the building right behind a guy, and it turned out he was my audish partner for the day. He had a great voice! As soon as I heard him though the headphones I could hear why he was there. Some people just sound right.

The spot was for a cable internet provider, and this time the girl part had all the lines and the guy just repeated 'uh huh, uh huh, totally'. The concept was that he was snurfing- sneaking onto the internet whilst on the phone. I was trying to get his attention by saying crazy things like "a gorilla just set the living room on fire." And when he keeps repeating the same thing I get mad and accuse him of snurfing and not paying attention. Kindof cutesy and predictable, but that's what it is sometimes.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

LeBron! It's all for you!

Sometimes what you learn at an audish is that you are totes just not right for the part. Because I like you guys & I can tell that I am in a welcoming environment, I am going to tell you about my audish for the Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team.

These are actually pics from last year that I found on the cavs site, I tried out in 2003 I think. So at that point I had been a cheerleader for 7 years (jr high, high school, college) and on a dance team for 2 years (college). I thought I was pretty decent, and I didn't know if I really had a shot but it sounded like a fun way to spend a Saturday. So I roped one of my friends into going with me and we picked out our mandatory attire of "A two-piece outfit with flesh-colored tights/hosiery." After we parked the car, we reapplied our glitter eyeshadow and made our way into the audish. We got added to a group and waited an hour or two. Then, as you can see from the photo of 2006 auditions, you get a little number to pin to your little shorts while you learn a little dance combo among a huge group of girls.

By the time it was our group's turn my confidence was fading. I am a "petite" lady and this was starkly obvious. Many of the girls there were tall, skinny, and showing off all of their best assets. I began to realize that normal workout shorts were the exception in this "briefs or hot shorts" crowd. While we were waiting several girls were warming up as all dancers do by basically showing off how flexible and talented they are - doing perfect leaps, turns, and the splits. My friend and I reapplied our glitter eyeshadow and continued stretching.

We got into the main room and learned an across the floor combination and a short dance to a Justin Timberlake song. I did my best on the across the floor, but messed up the combination in front of the judges. I was kindof mad at myself, but I knew that even if I had nailed it I probably was not Cavs Girl material.

After everyone had went, we were sent out to the hall while the judges decided. We were called back in to listen for the numbers of the girls who made it to the next round. As you can see from the photo, it is an intense moment. As you may have guessed, both my friend and I were not called to stay. That's ok, I don't really fit it with slutty girls....oh snap! Just kidding. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to be a cavs girl that year, and by sometimes I mean everytime I see the ad for the Chicago Bulls Dance Team Audish.......

If you are interested in more about the 2006 Cavs Dancers Audish, here is a great video: