Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Acting Resumes

Last Thursday I was honored to assist my fav shortform theater with callbacks. As you may have noticed from this blog, I love audishes- on both sides of the table. And this was no exception. I got to see two awesome groups of improvisors- very hilarious. And I got see 16 resumes and headshots. Most people had it together, but I saw a few resumes that were not quite up to speed. It reminded me that when I helped out with PG incubator audishes I saw iffy resumes and even LACK of resumes from newer improvisors. Success equals preparedness plus opportunity, and that includes a top notch resume. Let's get our bizness together so we're ready to take on the world.

Center your name in larger, bold type on top of the page. Then your contact info - email/phone- and depending on what you are going for: height, weight, vocal range, union, hair color, eye color, ect.

Divide your experience into categories like improv, sketch, film/tv, voiceover, etc., with training at the bottom.
A good way to get your experience lined up nice and neat is to use a table with no borders. Then your text will line up without having to figure out the infuriating column formatting. Even if you don't have much for each category, having a neat resume will showcase what you do have.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here's an example that I found:

In closing, google acting resume or use google images and you will find all kinds of suggestions. Find what works for you and have it ready the next time an audish calls.

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