Sunday, February 15, 2009

Konfidence is Key

My evil plan is working! Here's a guest blog from K:

I went on a an audition that called for "classical sounding" singers. Which I'm not really, but hell, why not? It was for Christmas songs and I like Christmas! I get there and sing through my accompanied piece (very much not classical) and then started my Christmas Carol a capella as they had asked. I was doing "What Child Is This" but my nerves got in the way of my breath so I sounded like "What chil- (gasp) is thi--(gasp)is who (gasp) laaaaaaaid to ree- (gasp) est" She actually stopped me and said "Don't be nervous. We want you to succeed. Use your full voice." Ouch. It definitely felt like a middle school audition again.

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