Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Agency Mailing

The post office just announced another increase in postage. Yet another reason to get your buns moving and do an agency mailing!

There are currently a few commercials in rotation that cause me to say "OMG! I know that guy!" I would love for this to happen all the time so I am offering a special quid pro quo deal to Audish readers- I will email you my updated list of AFTRA franchised agencies in exchange for a guest post. This list is in Excel! This list is totes ready for Mail Merge! This list tells you which 3 agencies have online submission!

Wait a freckled frog second, that sounds too nice. What do I have to give you? The complete bare minerals eyeshadow collection?

Dear Reader, all I ask in return is a guest post or story of some kind related to audishes.

Take the needle off the record, that sounds too complicated. Why don't I just go compile the list myself?

On Monday I sent out an agency mailing so my list is totes up to date. I suppose it is up to you to decide which is easier: writing up a fun story or spending hours checking all the addresses and submission guidelines posted on each agency's website.

Leave a comment with your email and I will email you back. I moderate the comments, so don't worry about your email- I won't post it publicly.

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