Monday, February 9, 2009

I’ve been a little slow on the VO audishes lately so I don’t have many fun stories in that department. Fortunately for all of us I have fabulously talented friends. Molly recently blogged about a relevant topic and has given me permission to share it here:

Just wanted to share a tip. Let me start off by saying this specific tip applies to on-camera auditions only...

I interned at a casting office and sometimes still free-lance there. Recently something came to my attention. A beautiful, slender, statuesque blonde came into the room. She slated her name. The camera pulled out to get a full body shot. I looked at her, oh so pretty. I looked at the monitor. Oh so pretty hair, shirt, nice jeans...Wait.

Is she hiding cankles? She's so tiny. Why on the screen does she look like big-foot? Oh. It's the Ugg boots with the jeans tucked in. They're creating an illusion.

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