Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday of Audishes

It was already going to be an exciting Monday: I was looking forward to a callback for a super fun musical improv group. THEN- a reminder popped up on my outlook for a VO audish. OMG! I totally forgot that on Friday I had scheduled an audish for Monday.

I van-cabbed it over to the agency and read two spots for your favorite Mexican beer. This time I did not have to say it in the slate, but I did have to be over 25 to audish. Same thing happened for another beer company so I started googling and found this Beer Institute Code of Advertising. Interesting!

When I stepped out of the booth, the other agent asked me to stay and read a dialogue with another girl who had just come in. Turns out, it was one of the girls I had worked with on a tampon VO tv demo a year ago. (after reading that in the preview I feel the need to add it was voice only over storyboard, not.... a demonstration of how to use tamps!) This one was for a cheap haircut place and it was actually funny, so that was super fun.

Another triple audishle! Hopefully, the odds are increasing that I will book some VO work.

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