Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baseball Dance Team?

Usually I see the good, bad, funny, crazy audishes posted in all the links on my sidebar- The Reader, Craigslist,, ect. So you can imagine my amazement at discovering this audish in a Chicago Tribune article: Schaumburg Flyers Baseball Dance Team. And now you can imagine how sad I am at reading about this after the fact. I would probably have gone out there to audish! If I had nothing better to do!

Well, from the description in the article it looks like the Flyers dance team audition was a semi-failure. Only 13 people tried out! Where did they post the announcement?

Oh wait a second, maybe all the real dancers found out about this description from the General Manager: "They'll be taking tickets as fans enter, tossing T-shirts into the crowd between innings and generally assuming a higher profile than most ballpark entertainers, he said. "Dance will be just a quarter of what they do every day."

Taking tickets?!?!? I didn't overcome the death of my mother, a move to my estranged father's inner city apartment and finding my way through the underground hip-hop scene to have a triumphant audition at Juilliard so that I could take your tickets and throw t-shirts.

Looks like we all dodged a bullet by missing that audish!

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