Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest Blog!

In today's guest blog...

I do not have an agent, but I've done a workshop with a casting director and he will occasionally call me in to audition for commercial and film projects. Maybe that's an overstatement, he's called me in twice. :)

The first audition I went on was for an industrial film. I had been given sides earlier for a group scene. The scene required 4 people, but in my time slot one of the people didn't show so the casting assistant was reading the lines. This is where the trouble happened. The casting assistant wasn't really reading the lines verbatim and was paraphrasing at times. Not usually a big deal, except that she kept leaving out my cue line which was a question, my line was the answer. I definitely let it throw me and my timing was way off and I got wrapped up in how the scene didn't make sense now. Not a smooth move. Looking back I wish I'd just pressed on as though nothing was wrong.

So I guess that's the lesson there. You can only control what you do. Would it have been better if the casting assistant had stuck to the script? Probably. But there was no way for me to control that. I had the power to control my reaction to the skipped line and in the future I'm pretty sure I'll do so with a lot more poise.

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