Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What are you looking for?

Character descriptions on VO copy:

  • Very playful almost exaggerated accent of choice (actually from my first real vo audish!)
  • Natural not voice-overish. They should be real energetic.
  • Woman 1- Meek but with a crazy side, Woman 2- very meek. Reference; The "Delicious Dish" radio talk show host from Saturday Night Live.
  • A pleasant young woman with a charm and rasp to her voice. She should sound like sweet office receptionist.
  • Friendly & vibrant
  • With building excitement
  • Realistic but interesting voices to help our animation have character
  • Not overwrought or super-emotional, but very heartfelt and personal


  • He's a guy that hasn't had too much luck with the ladies, has finally found his angle. No slick answer types, more Turtle-esque from Entourage
  • A young country club gentleman with an air of aristocracy and a snooty wit. Should sound like an 80's brat pack type or late 90's teen snob. No British accents please.

I just hate those late 90's teen snobs.

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