Thursday, July 12, 2007


In Voiceover land, there are announcer voices and character voices. Basically, any non-announcer part is considered ‘character.’ Before that awesome class I took at the Audition Studio I thought character voiceover work meant only animated character voices. Sometimes you audition by yourself, and sometimes they call in the talent to record the audish together.

Tuesday I was called in to do a 'dialogue' which is my agent's code word for 'the other person will be there.' I walked into the building right behind a guy, and it turned out he was my audish partner for the day. He had a great voice! As soon as I heard him though the headphones I could hear why he was there. Some people just sound right.

The spot was for a cable internet provider, and this time the girl part had all the lines and the guy just repeated 'uh huh, uh huh, totally'. The concept was that he was snurfing- sneaking onto the internet whilst on the phone. I was trying to get his attention by saying crazy things like "a gorilla just set the living room on fire." And when he keeps repeating the same thing I get mad and accuse him of snurfing and not paying attention. Kindof cutesy and predictable, but that's what it is sometimes.

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