Saturday, September 15, 2007

There's no business like show business...

Whoops... my blog got away from me for awhile there. Two things: I moved and I haven't had a VO audish in a week or so. That is the ebb and flow of advertising but as always, I wish it flowed toward my type more often.

So, I am going to talk about watching an audish. I recently helped audit some improv auditions, and saw 60ish people over the first audish and 20ish people over the call back. It was great to see people do well and I can't wait to see what happens for the team that got put together. Of course, any time you invite the public into your life you are going to meet some characters...

Smarty Pants-It's cool to put your college education on your talent rezy, but make it one line. Not half of the one page that you get. And we don't need to know your SAT score or your theses title.
Already On The Team- No, you're not. Please reserve your smarm for after you make it.
Mr. Fix It- Actually, the rest of your group doesn't need you to walk into every scene.
Jokey McJokester- Please pass through the door, collect your headshot and return to stand up.

I know we're all having so much fun that it is easy to forget that business is part of show business. It really is true that you will stand out if you can grasp even the basics of being on time, polite and respectful to others (the auditors and your fellow auditioners). Of course, you will stand out even more if you are a total jackal... but not in the good way. Part of trying your best is being as prepared as possible, and with so many random factors working against you, why give the casting people reasons not to hire you? Given the choice between two people with similar types and equal talent, I know I would choose the more professional.

Ok, I will now unsaddle my high horse and work on another embarrassing audish story to illustrate that I am telling you things that I have learned from my own mistakes.

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