Saturday, June 30, 2007


Improv auditions have you do improv, usually in the style of the show that you are auditioning for. A while ago I was in an audish for a short form theater, so we played lots of games. In general it is a good idea to keep it clean in an improv audish. For many reasons: you want the auditor to see your character, emotion, great object work, and that you can think of things besides shocking language.

In this particular audish, there was a guy who I will refer to as Dirty Boy. Dirty Boy dropped the f-bomb in every scene in his audish and steamrolled a scene into skeeze teritory. Other than that, overall everyone did great work and there were some really funny scenes.

But the funniest thing in the entire audish was a question from this gal during the question and answer sesh, right after Dirty Boy had a yelling f-bomb scene:
Sassy Girl: Are these going to be family friendly shows?
Auditor Involuntarily Glancing At Dirty Boy: Yea..... yes, they are.

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