Friday, May 8, 2009

What would you do....

My most recent VO audish was for a cross promo between the McGolden Arches and a baseball team- buy a value meal, get a cute discount on tickets.

The copy was a fun list of things you would do for tickets.... or you could just go to McGolden Arches!

This was a fun audish, but it was also another Crazy Cabbie day.

When my cab driver dropped me off, he said, "What is in these two buildings? I come here many times dropping off pretty ladies."

"Well, that door is a hair salon according to the sign. And this door is for a talent agency and a modeling agency, so you are probably seeing models."

"Oh that must be it."

"Yea, I actually have a voice over audition, so..." I said as I waited for my change, trying to imply that I needed to leave and that I was also a pretty and talented lady.

"I mean, I get some pretty ladies in my cab but some of these women I am just like, oh my God, they are so gorgeous I have never see such beautiful women." He was not interested in my voiceover career.

"Yea, that's because they are models. Could I get a receipt?"

We repeated this same exchange a few times before he gave me my change and the receipt.

I am definitely going to deduct this cab ride as a business expense on my taxes.

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