Monday, December 17, 2007


Audishes are slowing down over the holiday season so I will try to post general stories. I just got my demo remixed and my sound engineer who also does VO said that his agent is closing for like two weeks over the holidays.

So, here's part of the story of how it all got started. Sometimes people ask me what happens when you get called in to audition for a VO agent- for the agent, for the first time, not for a spot.

My current agent had me read three different spots. Then they asked a few questions about myself like: why did I have an out of state area code on my cell; what is my VO background; what is my experience with improv; and what was my deal in general. At some point in those 5 minutes they decided to represent me, and I was sent to another person who entered my contact information into their system. I think the whole process lasted about 10 minutes, and then my first audish through them was about 2 weeks later.

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